3 Reasons Not to Get a Gadget Loan This Month

In the past years, thousands of gadget loans were issued by lenders worldwide. They come in varying amounts and policies, and they are almost identical to personal loans. Additionally, there are also tons of new gadgets in the market today – thus complementing the overall demand of borrowers. Yet, even if gadget loans have become more readily available now, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t send an application.

Here are the reasons why you mustn’t get a gadget loan this month:

You’re Only Fascinated by Marketing

It’s not news that lenders are using psychological marketing tricks to attract buyers. You can see these strategies in social media, particularly Facebook. Once you got a sudden urge that you need a loan to buy the hottest gadget in the market, you are psychologically tricked. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you have to check your feelings. Figure out if you really need the gadget or you can go on without it.

There Are Alternatives

If you really need a gadget, then you should seek for alternatives. Perhaps your friend is selling a slightly used gadget that will save you the trouble of paying monthly interest. You should also check out online shops, along with reliable aftermarkets. If you’re going to think about it deeply, paying for the gadget now is cheaper than taking out a loan. Some sellers may even allow multiple payments but you can still own the gadget. Before settling for any alternative, make sure that you’ve done your research. Review the credibility of the seller so there’ll be no regrets.

You Have No Financial Plan

Taking a instant cash loan shouldn’t just be decided on a whim. If you do this, you’ll have a high chance of defaulting and paying huge interest on top of penalties. This can lead to severe financial troubles down the road. Creating a financial plan is not difficult – you only need a small organizer or an app in your smartphone. List down your financial strengths and weaknesses, as well as your loan obligations. By having a plan, you’ll determine how you can adjust your income strategies.

An unpaid gadget loan can lead to huge financial troubles down the road. More importantly, it will affect you negatively in the eyes of the lender. What if you suddenly need an emergency financial solution? So, don’t apply for a gadget loan unless you have the financial capability to repay.

Top 3 Internet Hustles that Can Help Repay Your Loan

Repaying your loan is not easy, especially if the amount is too high. Around the world, many borrowers are suffering from unpaid loan interests and worst fees. More often than not, a regular job is not enough to pay back a huge loan. What you need is a series of online rackets and hustles that can maximize your income.


These Internet hustles are probably good starters for you:


Life Coaching


Do you want to enter an online niche that would never run out of buzz? You should try life coaching then. Life coaching is similar to online consultancy, except that you’re focused on overall life improvement of the client. This niche is profitable and you only need few tools to get started. Competition can be tough, so you have to corner the market with proper research. But think about this: somewhere around the world, people need your help. Whatever your skills are, you can definitely coach someone.


Online Buy and Sell


If you’re going to observe deeply, you’ll realize that sales dominate the cyberspace. Even loans are products that are sold to borrowers! In this case, an online buy and sell business is going to reach places. The first thing that you have to do is determine the items that you can sell. Do your research to see which products churn out the best profits over time. Also, you should expect a solid wall of competition. Nowadays, there are many Internet sellers trying to make a buck. An online buy and sell hustle is great – if you can seize the market by its throat.


Freelance Gigs


The Internet is a fantastic place to be. It’s a thriving community of communities, and there seems to be a place for everyone. When it comes to income, freelancing is a great activity. There are tons of freelancing gigs that you can try, especially if you’re skilled. The most popular freelancing gig today is VA or virtual assistance. As a VA, you can market the client’s business, build content, and even create documents. You can combine lots of freelancing gigs to scrape the full amount needed for your loan!


Running the aforementioned Internet hustles will take time and considerable effort. If you really want to get out of your loan obligation, you should triple down on your Internet hustling tactics. The best thing about these hustle tactics is that they can grow into a full-pledged business someday. That’s better than just having an option to repay your loan!

3 Best Ways to Spend Your Low-Interest Salary Loan

Being an employee has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. In exchange for your time, you’d get a stable paycheck. Despite that, your financial independence may be a long shot away. Another advantage of being an employee is the availability of salary loans. For many employees, salary loans are meant as solutions that can deal with financial dilemmas. For others, the loan is another stipend to use. Given that fact, we can’t deny the real importance of salary loans.


If you’re approved for a salary loan, you must use it properly. Here are some of the best ways of spending your salary loan:


Secure an Investment


A wise borrower is the one who secures popular types of investment. This is easier said than done because there are tons of investments to choose from. Some of the best investment options that you can take are digital assets, paper assets, collectibles, flipped or pawned items, jewelry, commodities, and derivatives. Before pursuing any investment, make sure that you’ve done your research. Every investment brings a certain level of risk, so you have to prepare for that.


Buy Trainings and Courses


As a modern employee, you mustn’t be snared to past images. You’re not a workhorse who labors all day long. Rather, think of yourself as a solutions provider – an asset of the company. Therefore, you must strive hard to become a better employee. One of the best ways to do this is to buy different trainings and courses. You can train in management principles or you can take an in-depth communication course. Whichever training you choose, it will require your time and money. Use your salary loan for that purpose and your career path will have a monumental leap.


Pay Off a Volatile Debt


If you currently have a debt that’s eating away at your sanity, you should seek ways to repay it fast. Your new salary loan can be used to repay that debt, but you have to ensure that the loan has lower interest. They are both risks, but it’s all about the level of risk that you can bite.


Even if personal salary loans serve as basic financial solutions, they can turn into nightmares if you don’t pay them on time. To avoid being complacent, you should have a repayment plan. This plan will help you focus and strategize for the quickest ways of repaying your salary loan. Remember, it’s important to be a smart borrower nowadays!

3 Best Qualities of a Rockstar Lender

Every now and then, you’ll probably face a financial problem. In the face of such problem, you may turn to a money lender. While most lenders are fair, there are some who will give you a bad borrowing experience. This can be stressful and traumatizing, so you have to get it right the first time. Before applying for a loan, make sure that the lender possesses 3 major qualities.


Utmost Consideration


In the game of finance, consideration can work greatly for the lender and borrower. If the lender is considerate, his business will grow and borrowers will be happy. But how can you measure a lender’s consideration gauge? Simple – if the lender doesn’t give you a leeway in late payments, then it’s not the best option. You should also ask if the lender has discounts for refinancing a previous loan, or if he allows refinancing at all. These are the basic means of measuring the lender’s consideration.


Reasonable Rates


In the lending arena, it’s not surprising to find a lender who will give you high interest rates. While many lenders have made their rates competitive, some are still hard-nosed on making profits. But what level of rate is reasonable? As a rule of thumb, the loan must have a 10% interest mark per month. Anything higher than that may sound unreasonable. You should also keep watch for repayment terms. Some lenders are overly extending terms to reap more profits from your loan. The best lender must let you repay the loan in full whenever you can. This is a sign that the lender takes care of its customers.


Lenient Repayment Policy


Finding a lender who’s lenient when it comes to repayment can be a bit difficult. Most lenders today, especially reputable providers have strict lending policies. However, you shouldn’t give up you’re in the market for the most lenient lenders. You can find these lenders with the help of Facebook or recommendations of your peers. Be vigilant with reviews since they can help you track down the best lenders without being misled.


If you managed to find a lender bearing these 3 qualities, send in your application. Very likely, you won’t have a hard time repaying such lender. On top of that, you can reapply to the said lender as often as you want. Still, you must not be complacent once you have a loan obligation. Put the responsibility deep in your mind so that you won’t forget it.

3 Benefits of Getting Military Loans

Serving your country is a noble thing to do, and you should be rewarded for your heroism. Aside from medals and the rightful paycheck, one of the financial advantages that you can avail is a military loan. Typically issued by small lending firms, military loans are similar to other types of loans, except that they’re issued to soldiers and veterans. These loans have varying amounts and rates depending on lender policies.


Here are the 3 main benefits of getting military loans:


You Can Fund a Nest Egg


One of the best ways to secure your future is to fund a nest egg. Basically, a nest egg means a long-term financial investment option. This could be a few stocks in a large corporation or a commodity that can surpass the test of time. Nowadays, there are hundreds of nest eggs that you can choose from – each has its own specific market and cycle. Just don’t forget to do your own research so that the risk is minimized.


Smaller Debts Can Be Repaid


If you have one or two smaller debts grinding your gears, then it’s time to get a military loan in Singapore. Depending on your credit status and employment history, you can get a large loan amount. You can then use this loan to repay all of your debts so that you only have one interest to pay back every month. Just don’t make this a habit or you’ll always have a debt in your name.


You Can Start a Small Business


Going into business is a common end path among military men and women. Unfortunately, there are many unexpected things in life and your savings might be affected. In this case, a military loan can serve as a small business capital. Determine what type of business you want to build. This will help you scale the proper amount of loan that you need. Some of the popular small businesses that you can try are a specialty store, food shop, DIY shop, consultancy firm, or a freelance servicing platform.


Once you get your military loan, you must secure it by opening a new bank account. Put your loan to this account and make sure that it has strict parameters. It would be best if you and your family can access the account only for emergency purposes. Another alternative is to put the military loan in a time deposit account. With the interest of the account, the interest can be mitigated even by a short percentage. Get a military loan today and think of your family’s future!