3 Best Qualities of a Rockstar Lender

Every now and then, you’ll probably face a financial problem. In the face of such problem, you may turn to a money lender. While most lenders are fair, there are some who will give you a bad borrowing experience. This can be stressful and traumatizing, so you have to get it right the first time. Before applying for a loan, make sure that the lender possesses 3 major qualities.


Utmost Consideration


In the game of finance, consideration can work greatly for the lender and borrower. If the lender is considerate, his business will grow and borrowers will be happy. But how can you measure a lender’s consideration gauge? Simple – if the lender doesn’t give you a leeway in late payments, then it’s not the best option. You should also ask if the lender has discounts for refinancing a previous loan, or if he allows refinancing at all. These are the basic means of measuring the lender’s consideration.


Reasonable Rates


In the lending arena, it’s not surprising to find a lender who will give you high interest rates. While many lenders have made their rates competitive, some are still hard-nosed on making profits. But what level of rate is reasonable? As a rule of thumb, the loan must have a 10% interest mark per month. Anything higher than that may sound unreasonable. You should also keep watch for repayment terms. Some lenders are overly extending terms to reap more profits from your loan. The best lender must let you repay the loan in full whenever you can. This is a sign that the lender takes care of its customers.


Lenient Repayment Policy


Finding a lender who’s lenient when it comes to repayment can be a bit difficult. Most lenders today, especially reputable providers have strict lending policies. However, you shouldn’t give up you’re in the market for the most lenient lenders. You can find these lenders with the help of Facebook or recommendations of your peers. Be vigilant with reviews since they can help you track down the best lenders without being misled.


If you managed to find a lender bearing these 3 qualities, send in your application. Very likely, you won’t have a hard time repaying such lender. On top of that, you can reapply to the said lender as often as you want. Still, you must not be complacent once you have a loan obligation. Put the responsibility deep in your mind so that you won’t forget it.